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Headaches and Migraines

Portable Device May Prevent Migraines

(Neuralieve) By Anne Harding THURSDAY, March 4, 2010 (Health.com) — Help may be on the way for people who experience migraines but haven’t found any relief from pain medications. An experimental handheld device that delivers pulses of magnetic energy to the back of the head may be effective at warding …

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Facial Surgery May Offer Migraine Cure

(Getty Images) By Heather MayerMONDAY, Aug. 3, 2009 (Health.com) — Facial surgery that targets and removes small portions of migraine-triggering muscle or nerve tissue may offer permanent relief for some people with the debilitating headaches, a new study suggests. “Other migraine treatments either temporarily prevent the symptoms or they may …

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7 Surprising Things You Don't Know About Migraines

June is Migraine Awareness Month, putting the spotlight on the pounding, nausea-producing headaches which afflict some 28 million Americans. While there’s an awful lot we do know about migraines, what you don’t know will surprise you: 1. They’ve been linked to suicide riskSeveral studies have now linked migraines with an …

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5 Weird Migraine Treatments

It’s no secret that migraines are a serious pain. About 37 million Americans get migraines, and women are three times more likely to have them than men, according to the National Headache Foundation. Ouch! If you’re plagued by migraines, you’ve likely popped different pills to ease the throbbing. But would you …

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New Drugs Might Prevent Migraines Before They Start

By Dennis ThompsonHealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, June 18, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Competing teams of researchers are closing in on a new class of drugs that can prevent chronic migraines by interrupting the chain of events thought to create the headaches. The drugs target a biochemical called calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP). …

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What's Causing Your Headache?

Got a throbbing pain? Help is on the way! Find out if you’re suffering from a migraine, tension headache, or something else with this guide. If you bonked your noggin skiing or went overboard at happy hour, it’s clear why your skull is pounding. But diagnosing head pain isn’t always such an …

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