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Turns Out Running May Actually Be Good for Your Knees

If you’re a runner, then maybe you’ve worried about the long-term consequences of all that pounding on your knees. But here’s some encouraging news: According to a study from Brigham Young University, running appears to reduce inflammation in the knee joint—not increase it, as commonly believed. In fact, the authors say, running may actually …

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How Chair Yoga Can Help Your Arthritis

There may finally be a new, non-drug remedy for osteoarthritis. It turns out chair yoga—which involves using a chair for support in modified yoga poses—could have real benefits for people who suffer from the condition. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University have found that the gentle style helped ease pain and …

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Can Sugar Injections Really Ease Knee Pain?

If you suffer from chronic knee pain, you may have tried anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy, or cortisone shots to provide some relief. Now, a new scientific review lends support to a lesser-known remedy that may work when others don’t: prolotherapy, a technique that involves injecting a sugar solution into joints …

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