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Is Your Doctor Laughing at You Behind Your Back?

You’re sick, in the hospital, or maybe even undergoing surgery. The last thing you want to contemplate is the thought that your doctor might be making fun of your tattoos while you’re anesthetized. But does it happen? Yes. According to a survey of doctors starting a residency in internal medicine, …

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‘Bonding Gene’ Could Help Men Stay Married

MONDAY, Sept. 1 (HealthDay News) — Whether a man has one type of gene versus another could help decide whether he’s good “husband material,” a new study suggests. A study of Swedish twin brothers found that differences in a gene modulating the hormone vasopressin were strongly tied to how well …

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Cranky Doctor or Annoying Patient? Sometimes It’s Both

Getty Images By Anne HardingMONDAY, Feb. 23, 2009 (Health.com) — Erin Krebs, MD, once had a patient who spent the first eight minutes of his appointment telling her everything that was wrong with the past four primary care doctors he’d seen—including one she knew personally and considers a “lovely person.” …

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A Wedding Weight Loss Plan That Works

By Shaun ChavisFollow me on twitter.I recently read a friend’s blog about bride-fattening farms―where young girls in Africa are tortuously forced to overeat in order to gain weight to please their future husbands. (There are 12-year-olds weighing 175 pounds!) In the U.S., we have obsessions about bridal body image, too. …

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Tossing and Turning May Fuel Marital Discord

Getty Images By Ella Quittner MONDAY, June 13, 2011 (Health.com) — The snooze button on your alarm clock may not be the only casualty of a sleepless night. A new study of married couples suggests that when wives have trouble falling asleep, the quality of their relationship with their husband …

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