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Live to 100 By Eating These 18 Foods

  Want to live to 100? Research shows your diet plays a huge role in how many birthday candles you’ll blow out. The following 18 foods are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that have been linked to longevity. Eat up! Broccoli: It contains immune-boosting compounds, and may also help ward …

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Is Your Diet Not Working? Blame the Weekends

If your scale is fluctuating more than the stock market, what you do on the weekends could be at fault. Kicking back and being less vigilant about what you eat and drink even just two days out of the week can add up to an almost nine-pound weight gain over …

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Q: OK, once and for all, am I really more apt to gain weight if I eat a late dinner?A: Not necessarily, because it’s the number of calories you eat, rather than when you eat, that determines whether you’ll pack on the pounds. But chances are good that if you …

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How to Satisfy Late

Q: What can I eat when I’m hungry late at night but have already consumed everything my diet allows for the day? A: If it happens only once in a while, it’s OK to indulge with a low-calorie snack, even if you’re at your daily diet max. Sip a small …

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