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Former Gymnast Becomes First Woman Ever to Qualify For 'American Ninja Warrior' Finals


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If you’ve never seen NBC’s freakishly difficult competition show American Ninja Warrior, here’s a reason to start watching.

On Monday, 24-year-old Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman ever to reach the show’s finals. (Watch her completely destroy the 10-obstacle course in the video above.) In the show’s six seasons, even Olympians and NFL players have tried—and failed—to advance to the finals. Catanzaro’s own coach and boyfriend Brent Steffensen couldn’t complete the qualifying course in May, even though he’s a veteran ANW competitor.

Catanzaro, a former Division 1 gymnast at Towson University, is 5 feet tall and weighs all of 100 pounds. It’s no wonder the hashtag #mightykacy trended worldwide on Twitter.

The New Jersey native is getting familiar with setting records. At the ANW qualifying rounds in May, she became the first woman to scale the 17-foot quarter-pipe called the Warped Wall. Here’s a GIF of her doing just that as she completed her first historic run.

Vulture interviewed Catanzaro about her workout routine and she says she and Steffensen do body weight exercises and circuit training four to six days a week, plus, she says: “we’ll always try and do obstacles at night for a couple hours.” Dang.

Catanzaro will compete in the ANW finals in Las Vegas, which will air in September on NBC.

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